Incubation process flowAbout IDEAPAD

IDEAPAD is the business incubator of ITM University Gwalior.

IDEAPAD is working on a simple objective, that no ideas goes waste or unnoticed in ITM university. We have set up an elaborate mechanism to capture ideas and ensure that it is deployed, evaluated and stored for future reference.

To enforce our objectives we ensure the following

  • Facilitate ideas
  • Accelerate implementation speed of Ideas
  • Provide supplemental management for proposed enterprises
  • Offer more “hand holding” than a typical venture capitalist in the process.
  • Give access to expertise in marketing, operations, human resources, technical, management, strategy, business development, financial, and others
  • Facilitate business development and partnerships
  • Help in finding clients for enterprises
  • Facilitate sources of funding, now and at later stages
  • Set up a portfolio of seed-stage ventures
  • Provide additional deal-flow and vetting of deals for later-stage investors
  • Capture potentially successful deals missed by venture capitalist


How it works

ITM university’s business incubation cell IDEAPAD has three proposed programs handled by IDEAPAD and its partners.




Step 1 : Idea scouting

IDEAPAD handles two scenarios

  • Subject ( Student/faculty/citizen ) approaches IDEAPAD with an idea for an enterprise
  • Departments of ITM want students to work upon projects which have commercial potential ( refer “projects under incubation” in ITM MOODLE )

Step 2 : Idea profiling

  • IDEAPAD diverts subjects to IDEAPAD ACCELERATOR , IDEAPAD VENTURE INCUBATOR OR IDEAPAD BUSINESS INCUBATOR based on the immediate need of the enterprise ( conception , emerging, commercialization, scaling )
  • Conception/emerging will proceed to IDEAPAD ACCELERATOR
  • Commercialization will be handled by IDEAPAD VENTURE INCUBATOR
  • Scaling/growth will be handled by IDEAPAD BUSINESS INCUBATOR

Step 3a : Idea Acceleration ( 8-10 weeks )

IDEAPAD Acceleration program will provide the provide the Subject three deliverables at the actuals :

  • Business plan for setting goals and clarity.
  • Idea prototype for approaching investors
  • A legal entity fit to receive funds for next stage of incubation

All enterprises who finish the IDEAPAD acceleration program can apply for IDEAPAD venture incubator

Step 3b : Idea Incubation ( 12 weeks )

IDEAPAD VENTURE INCUBATOR will select candidates for incubation and provide the “selected” candidates with following facilities

  • On-going strategic guidance by Angels-in-Residence
  • Access to our business support partners
  • Regular mentoring by our Advisors-in-Residence and other experts, through lectures, workshops and one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Experiential learning with top angel investors, partner level VC’s, C-suite – executives, bankers, serial entrepreneurs, Government officials and other high quality start-ups through lectures and workshops
  • Assistance in business plan preparation
  • Assistance in building management or founding team
  • Soft skills training, including business etiquette, presentation skills and anxiety management
  • Support in intellectual property management
  • Help with regulatory compliance
  • Links to potential strategic partners for your business
  • Networking opportunity with seasoned entrepreneurs and executives
  • Opportunity to pitch to group of angel investors to raise fund at the end of the incubation program
  • Access to many high profile potential investors & customers
  • Natural PR around entrepreneurs joining of the TBI program
  • Post Incubation support

Candidates “not selected” for venture incubation can still apply for IDEAPAD BUSINESS INCUBATOR  or go back to IDEAPAD ACCELERATOR

Step 3c : enterprise growth and scaling ( upto 3 years )

IDEAPAD BUSINESS INCUBATOR will admit candidates for long term incubation ( offering mentioned in Step 5 )

STEP 4: Enterprise Decision

Graduate enterprises from STEP 3b can decide to leave the incubation program after meeting the contractual requirements or proceed to step 5 after signing closure agreements/partnership agreements / IP agreements with IDEAPAD

STEP 5: Enterprise Scaling/Growth ( maximum 3 years )

Graduate enterprises for IDEAPAD VENTURE INCUBATOR or subjects who have applied directly for IDEAPAD BUSINESS INCUBATOR can avail the following facilities at this stage.

  • Use IDEAPAD facilities on free/rental basis
  • Enter rental agreements/profit sharing agreements with IDEAPAD
  • receive post-incubation support from IDEAPAD partners
  • continue to participate in activities conducted in IDEAPAD VENTURE INCUBATOR on paid basis.


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